Lena Van Asdale

The decision to buy a home reflects strong beliefs people have about their lives and their communities. There’s the notion of putting down roots in a certain community. There’s an obvious investment in and commitment to a particular neighborhood. There’s the promising future of good neighbors, playmates and barbeques. When Lena can match the right people with the right home, she is contributing something much more than occupancy and another manicured lawn. To her, the most appealing reward is derived from the concept of giving back to the community.

With Lena as your real estate agent you will get expertise, honesty, and respect. She doesn’t want to give you a just a house, she wants to give you a place to call home. Lena is known for her:

  • Professional work ethic
  • Reno-Tahoe market expertise
  • Excellent communication
  • Strong representation

First Time Homebuyers

The buying process for first time homebuyers can be extremely overwhelming. Choosing the right agent to guide you through the process will make your home buying experience productive and stress-free.

Working With the Right Agent

The right agent should have knowledge of the real estate industry, experience within the market, and a professional work ethic. Great agents put your needs and interests in front of their own.

The Market

Living in Reno, you’ll be exposed to a very dynamic environment. You may live in the city, stay closer to the mountains, or be near the outdoor trails. You can enjoy multiple views of the gorgeous Reno-Tahoe landscape.


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